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Dec 31, 2011 6:00pm EST
on this event tonight on 11 news. a controversy christmas display has people in one texas neighborhood fired up. we will tell you if a homeowner says it is supposed to mean. [cheers and applause] you did not sleep through new year's eve. for parents with young children [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the prime minister of iraq declared december 31 a national holiday to mark the end of the u.s. presence in the country. the prime minister called a new dawn for iraq and said the country was now free. he called on the iraqi people to preserve sovereignty and unity. the last u.s. troops withdrew earlier this month as part of a security agreement. controversial holiday display has some people in texas riled up. neighbors near the home say it was disgusting and unnerving. it was a life-size santa hanging from a noose in a tree. the homeowner said the display was to send a message that christmas is about more than santa. the display has been taken down after complaints. >> for that, we're all thankful. there was some fund today. we will check on that coming up in sports. >>
Dec 1, 2011 6:00pm EST
.m. on wbal +. the orioles have a backup catcher. they have acquired a player from texas. he played 114 games in the last four seasons for the rangers. gatorade picks a high school football player for the year for each state and mike gesten it might get the honor. he gets -- he certainly qualifies. the five-star greyhound earned the award and is a candidate for the national trophy as well. he also plays defensive back and has his choice of colleges. a very special athlete, that young man. >> i would say so. tom is up next with the forecast. but coming up tonight at 11:00 p.m., bob ehrlich took the stand in the former robo kohl's trial. when he had to say. and an update between -- in the feud between meister and conway. >> it is starting to feel like december. >> yes, but not too cold. >> it was not too long ago that we have highs around 70. it will be cold tonight, 26 and its suburbs, 30's around the bay. 52-57 for the high tomorrow. the normal is only 50. the winds will remain fairly light. the weekend looks pretty good. sunny to partly cloudy skies. for the highs and 30's 4 veloz. for the l
Dec 2, 2011 6:00pm EST
whether east of the rockies. , was from the western panhandle of texas up into new mexico, southern and central rockies, the storm will cause more problems. in another round of snow coming four parts of new mexico and southern california. maybe with some nasty winter weather in the panhandle. all kinds of watches, advisers, and warnings for winter weather in the western part of the country. temperatures in the '20s for snow in denver and two parts of arizona. chilly rain from kansas city to north of chicago. relatively pleasant weather. most of the unsettled weather continues to hold off to the west. in cleveland they will be on the edge of that. the browns and the baltimore ravens will be dealing with that. a 50/50 shot at some rain. for this time of year, temperatures of 45-50 is not too bad. a chilly rain fall at times with the showers on the lakefront and cleveland on sunday afternoon. sunny skies tomorrow. 49-54. a little on the chilly side. he's the ones on the bay at 5-10 knots. western maryland, expect a lot of attempt -- sunshine. on the lower eastern shore we may see tempe
Dec 5, 2011 6:00pm EST
right now around amarillo, texas, and in the 30's all the way to el paso. tomorrow, in the transition zone as the wet weather is likely. there's a chance for some wet weather on wednesday. the best chance for rain will be a bit further south. note the cold air coming into the west. as the cold air crosses the mountains and reaches us, some of the western grain could change into light snow. i would not be surprised if we get a burst of snow in the early morning hours thursday. by thursday afternoon, the system is gone, the skies clear, sunny but a lot chillier for the second half of the week. tomorrow will be the last with a warm day in his current pattern. on d-day -- the bay, the charaf will be about 1 foot. temperatures are holding around 50. not quite skiing weather, but they're hoping for that. wednesday.n it will be cold and off at night for them to start generating more snow out in western maryland. showers in the area wednesday. not as much rain at ocean city tomorrow, but it will be wet on wednesday with french will cooling in the temperatures. -- with a gradual cooling in th
Dec 11, 2011 6:00pm EST
, mississippi, and alabama. the coastal areas are getting some rain. parts of oklahoma and texas are getting some shower activity. it is a long way from us. the high pressure has cleaned out the atmosphere. we had a lot of sun today. temperatures are chilly and falling dramatically this evening. the highs were in the mid 40's today. we have already dropped down to 34. ocean city is down to 30 degrees. it is 30 at frederic. it is in the 20's in some areas. we will see colder temperatures overnight then this morning. it was in the low 20's this morning in some areas. this morning was the coldest of the winter season so far. tomorrow may be a few degrees colder than that. the satellite image shows clear skies. we may pick up some clouds during the day tomorrow. the high-pressure is sitting over us. there is a disturbance to the south. the low pressure disturbance is pulling the club's no.. it should stay clear overnight. something is going to develop in the plains states. that is the storm we will be watching for the next few days to see what happens towards the end of the week. until then, we
Dec 13, 2011 6:00pm EST
? >> but also attached a provision to green light the keystone excel from canada to texas. >> shovel ready. not fake shovel ready. >> i am hopeful that the senate leaders will come to their senses. >> they say it is a non-starter. and so the white house. >> we should not be messing around with extraneous and ideological fights that only prevent us from doing the people's business. >> the white house went on to explain why it would be told. does the burden of paying for it on working families. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> your insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures this morning back to below 20's in many areas but warmed up nicely, a little warmer than normal on this 13th day of december. 52 currently at the inner harbor. you can see the normal high is only 46 degrees. the record high, a balmy 69 going back to 1889. the record low? seven degrees back in 1962. 40 degrees in the city right now, starting to get chile up towards manchester. 36 there. no. harford county, 40 degrees. eastern shore, a little on the cooler side, 41 of originally come 41 ocean city. of
Dec 23, 2011 6:00pm EST
duelo en el reliant arena en houston, texas. el 28 de enero proximo. vamos con la previa del futbol americano para el fin de semana con los equipos del area. iniciamos en el fedexfield porque los redskins reciben a los vikingos de minessota, sera un enfrentamiento de puro tramite tomando en cuenta que ambos equipos estan eliminados. los redskins son coleros de la division este y los vikingos tambien son coleros de la division norte y uno de los peores equipos de la conferencia nacional y de la nfl esta campaÑa. el partido de este domingo esta programado para que inicie a la una de la tarde. la otra cara de la moneda es el equipo del puerto que esta pasando por buen momento. (take vo) y los ravens de baltimore necesitan de la victoria para poder terminar primero en la division norte de la conferencia americana, el domingo reciben en su cancha del m&t bank stadium a la una de la tarde a los ya eliminados browns de cleveland, la importancia del triunfo de los ravens es porque estan empatados con los steelers con 10 victorias y 4 derrotas. el equipo de pittsburgh recibe el domingo en s
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7